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The Clean Energy International Incubation Centre (CEIIC), which is Social Alpha’s Energy Lab, is a joint initiative of Tata Trusts and the Government of India supported by Department of Biotechnology, BIRAC, Tata Power and Tata Power – Delhi Distribution Limited. CEIIC has been set up for promoting innovations in the energy space and has become the first International Incubator in India under Mission Innovation.

The Incubator is designed to offer complete “lab to market” incubation support to clean energy enterprises, both Indian and International, which can bring about deep and irreversible social and environmental impact. CEIIC supports the incubatees by providing last-mile connectivity and end-use deployment of successful research outputs.

Energy innovation focus

CEIIC focuses on three core areas for innovation – Energy Access, Energy Efficiency and Breakthrough Clean Technology. We believe that the convergence of these holds the potential to transform the way the world produces and consumes energy. We focus on proactive, curated and demand-driven tech scouting; to support incubation, investment decision-making and prioritize funding and resources where they are most needed and impactful.


Energy Access

We define “access to energy” as availability of clean (at the point of use), affordable and reliable energy (including both electricity and cooking energy) to underserved and unserved communities for used cases across sectors such as agriculture, infrastructure, household for meeting not just the basic energy needs, but also energy to power economic growth and development of infrastructural facilities in the communities.


Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency focuses on advancements in existing, mature & relatively proven technologies (e.g. combustion engines, appliances, panels, turbines etc.) in order to make them and the network / grid itself smarter, cleaner and more efficient. We have adopted a value chain approach to identify the most impactful intervention areas in the network / grid encompassing generation, transmission & distribution, storage and consumption. The impact of these technologies may be incremental or indirect in terms of livelihoods in the short run however smarter, efficient and cleaner energy networks will drive down energy costs over time and improve overall quality of life at a macro level.


Breakthrough Clean Technology

Our objective is to support and build next generation of clean and renewable technologies, glimpses of which may be seen today in research papers, universities, labs and garage start-ups. We aim to identify cutting edge innovation and science & technology developments at a more nascent stage but which hold promise and potential to leapfrog, become mainstream and catalyse the global shift to affordable, clean energy backed by R&D and relevant resources.

CEIIC Offerings

Complete lab-to-market support tailored to the needs of start-ups
at the Clean Energy International Incubation Centre.


R&D Support

  • World-class lab infrastructure and maker spaces
  • Access to test beds for pilot and field testing

GTM Strategy Support

  • Hands-on operational support for commercial grade product development
  • Access to in-house experts in investment banking, marketing, HR, product development
  • Access to development sector partner ecosystem

Funding Support

  • Seed support to selected enterprises
  • Opportunity to pitch for follow-on funding for scale up

Market Access

  • Support in market assessment and product commercialization

Design for Manufacturing

  • Assistance with designing, rapid prototyping and design for manufacturing

Mentorship Network

  • Mentorship by a curated and customized set of most qualified experts, specialists, and sector leaders

International Collaboration

  • Incubation support to innovations from other Mission Innovation countries
  • Encourage and support Indian innovators to collaborate internationally


  • Networking & partnership opporunities with wide range of stakeholds

Enterpreneur-in-Residence (EIR) Fellowship programme

  • Especially designed fellowship programme for enterprising individuals


  • Programme designed to provide pre-incubation support to early-stage enterprises before accessing incubation

Energy innovation areas

CEIIC identifies disruptive, innovative and impactful technology solutions in sustainable energy and incubates them from their lab to market journey. We look for innovators and entrepreneurs that can bring about irreversible social, economic and environmental impact across the entire value chain from energy generation and distribution to storage and consumption with a strong focus on affordability, accessibility and user experience and around a range of sectors and use cases, such as household to industry.

User Experience

Production /

& Delivery

Storage & Edge of Grid

Consumption & Supply

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    Smart Appliances | Clean Cooking Lighting | Roof-top Solar | Standalone System

  • blank

    Irrigation | Implements Cold Chain | Waste to Energy

  • blank

    Waste Heat Recovery | Low-carbon Technologies | Cogen | Efficiency | Carbon Capture

  • blank

    Electric Vehicles | Clean Efficient Engines | Biofuels | EV Infractructure

  • blank

    Energy Efficiency | Cooling | Heating |Automation | Waste to Energy

  • blank

    Renewables | Grids & Micro-grids | IoT | Cyber Security | Edge of Grid Technologies & Storage | Hydrogen Storage

  • blank

    Metering | Billing | Losses | Demand-response | Low Tension Automation | Reliability and Quality | Digital Services

Meet the companies

  • blank
    Silov Solution

    Smart electric vehicle charging infrastructure

  • blank
    Sys3E Technologies

    Low-cost modular tilted Axis Solar PV Tracker

  • blank
    Delectrik Systems

    Low-cost, long life Redox Flow Battery

  • blank

    Solar Home Systems enabling peer-to-peer energy transactions

  • blank

    Low cost equipment that can upgrade waste agricultural and forest residues into feedstock

  • blank

    Automated metering, on-site service operations and big data analytics

  • blank

    Sensors and analytics for energy efficiency

  • blank
    Battery Pool

    2-wheeler electric vehicles (EV) charged-battery-as-a-service

  • blank
    Alto Precision

    Low cost and energy efficient portable rice-huller powered by solar energy

  • blank
    Elicius Energy

    Fuel cell energy storage technology offering clean power and increase in power density

  • blank
    Grassroots Energy

    Low-cost energy efficient technology that can purify and compress biogas

  • blank
    Temperate Technologies

    Cold storage technology leading to 50% reduction in energy consumption

  • blank
    Offgrid Energy Labs

    Low-cost, long-life, high-power ZincGel® battery

  • blank
    Gtarang Energy Solutions

    Efficient biomass based furnace solutions for small sector enterprise clusters

  • blank
    BluPower Tech

    Run-of-the-river, low-cost, small scale hydropower solution

  • blank
    Feynman Innovations

    Energy efficient robotic cleaning solution for solar panels with zero water usage

  • blank
    Himalayan Rocket Stove

    Energy efficient heating and cooking system suited to Himalayan conditions

  • blank
    Ohm Clean Tech Private Limited

    Low-cost and zero-emissions clean cooking solution

  • blank

    Portable, solar-powered cold storage system powered by thermal battery

  • blank
    Doorastha Analytics

    Solar powered grid performance monitoring and improvement system for micro-grids

  • blank
    Meladath Auto

    Retrofittable conversion kit that can be converted into an electric scooter

  • blank
    Energy Village

    IoT-based grid-connected microgrid operating platform

  • blank

    Virtual power plant and micro-grid platform to enable on site energy management

  • blank

    Distributes solar power devices in areas without a power-grid and connects them to the blockchain

  • blank
    Aloe Ecell

    Redefining the future of dry-cell batteries by cultivating a circular economy that emphasizes sustainability and environmental stewardship

  • blank

    Cost-effective portable high-ride electric engine named "eBik Smart" which can convert any existing bicycle to an electric bicycle

  • blank
    Raheja Solar

    Developed a Solar Dryer that will significantly aid Indian farmers by creating a circular economy and minimizing post-harvest losses

  • blank
    Ozoptima PowerHub

    Developed solar-powered modular mini-grid solution with configurable options for off-grid energy applications

  • blank
    Mojo Green

    Accelerating transition to electric mobility and integration of renewables on the grid

  • blank

    Developed Nucleus, a hardware & software platform for battery interfacing, to help deliver clean energy round the clock, without interruption.

  • blank
    Thumbi Labs

    Designed Triazu, a simulation platform that models energy use and suggests optimisations and cost reductions for SMEs and commercial and residential buildings

  • blank

    Engas UK compressor uses a novel method to compress any gas from ambient pressure up to 250bar

  • blank
    LiNa Energy

    Developing high performance solid-state sodium batteries which are more sustainable, safer and lower cost than Lithium-Ion

  • blank

    Creating alternatives to green fodder through deployment of low-cost hydroponic systems

  • blank
    Ergon Labs

    Building the Integrated Power Converter(IPC), a part of the EV powertrain combining the functions of a motor controller and an onboard fast charger

  • blank
    SB Quantum

    Magnetic sensing company developing a quantum sensor and a ground magnetic survey service for mineral exploration in mining

  • blank
    Earthtech Renewables

    Aims to provide monitoring technology of Biogas Plants equipped by electronic sensors and accessible through online application.

  • blank
    Zaara Biotech

    Developing commercial photobioreactor enabled cyanobacteria chemical production technology for production of aviation fuel as well as carbon trapping systems

  • blank
    Eliteck Hydrogen

    New age cooking oven based on on-demand green H2 electrolyzer

  • blank
    Renkube Pvt Ltd

    Renkube is developing solar panels to support dual usage of land and increase the density to boost farmer income

  • blank
    Marut E Agrotech

    Developed 18hp electric battery-operated agriculture tractor for small and medium-sized farms

  • blank

    Commercial EV charging solutions with developed and tested safety protocols

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The incubation support at the Clean Energy International Incubation Centre (CEIIC) would play a catalytic role for lab-to-market facilitation to the winners of the Energy Challenge. Under Mission Innovation, CEIIC is a first of its kind International Incubation Centre reflecting strong PPP commitment for promoting new affordable solutions for clean energy.

Renu Swarup
Secretary, Department of Biotechnology,Government of India
Managing Director, BIRAC

Technological innovation in the cleanenergy space is not a choice anymore, but a necessity. This is the only way to deliver sustainable and affordable energy for all. We have joined hands with Social Alpha for the Clean Energy International Incubation Centre that will help us achieve this goal. Tata Power deeply committed in promoting and supporting the ecosystem to develop clean and smart energy solutions through the adoption of technological innovations.

Praveer Sinha
CEO & Managing Director, Tata Power

To meet the exponentially growing global energy needs and to make energy accessible to all, it is critical to promote and invest in technology innovations that enhance availability, sustainability and efficiency across the entire energy lifecycle. Sustainable Energy is one of the greatest enablers for livelihoods and has the potential to transform lives, economies and planet.

Manoj Kumar
Head of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Tata Trusts
Founder, Social Alpha



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